Welcome to the web site of my web design company, Don Waller Interactives.

I’ve been an independent web developer since 1999, after cutting my teeth at an internet company for three years before that. I specialize in sites for small and large businesses of all types, but my real passion is building sites for musicians (under the alias ‘DWI:NY’). My clients include everyone from world-class musical acts and recording and rehearsal studios down to local rock bands here on Long Island, as well as acts from across the country. I pride myself on delivering the same level of service to all of my clients, whether they’re headlining festivals in Europe or playing the bar on the corner.

And of course, I’ve designed and built sites for a large number of more traditional businesses as well – everything from security companies and building contractors to some of the more popular bars and restaurants in the NYC area. I love all of my clients – they allow me an incredible amount of creative latitude in building their sites, and that only makes me love my work even more.

I invite you to take a look around my site, see the services I offer in addition to web work and the work I’ve done. And if you’re looking for a new site or a re-design of an existing one, I hope you give some thought to what I can build for you.

Thanks for visiting.

© Don Waller Interactives

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